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Installation of changes required to keep a system running productively. Systems evolve; new versions of existing software are released, new software becomes available, hardware reaches end of life.

It's not rocket science, but it has to be done. Most software has a good installation routine and will happily overwrite an older version, some requires initial uninstallation of the existing version. Less widely installed software will probably have a more intricate installation routine.

Hardware has drivers and often provides heavy footprint software which is unnecessary in a business context.

Client PCs probably need to be recut (Reset to ex factory status) after 24-30 months continuous use, and all application software reinstalled and configured.

Plenty of this can be performed by an IT savvy client, others are more intimidated by the prospect and prefer to sub-contract. A maintenance agreement would accommodate these implementation tasks.

Small Business IT Whitepaper
Small business IT whitepaper
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